The OG Mosque needs your support

Osman Gazi ist Mehr als nur eine Moschee:

  • Place for personal development
  • Place for women seeking psychological counseling
  • Place for children & teenagers who spend their free time here

The Prophet (ﷺ) said: "Whoever builds a mosque for the sake of Allah, like a sparrow's nest for Allah or even smaller, Allah will build for him a house in Paradise."

(Sahih Muslim, 4th Book, Hadith 1085)

The hot discussion about our Osman Gazi Mosque in Monheim an der Ruher in the media

  • We as (Muslims/) an Ummah must appreciate this support
  • The mayor Daniel Zimmermann is in favor of the mosque building
  • The mayor has given the building permit despite threats
  • Our mosque was repeatedly debated in the major media

The construction of our mosque has caused great discussions in the whole republic in the last years and was criticized by Islamophobic-minded fellow citizens in the sharpest way. It has been the subject of media reports in the program "tagesthemen". The reason for this is probably the most courageous and beautiful deed that a non-Muslim mayor has done for the Muslim community, not only in his city of Monheim, but for the entire Muslim community. We live in a time when most communities find it very difficult to find suitable properties in central locations. In addition to the search for such a building plot, besides the approval of the city, the utopian high sums of the land are usually a problem. Daniel Zimmermann, the mayor of Monheim an der Ruhr, has donated a large property to our community

This gesture from the mayor has sparked a great wave of discussion, not only in the city of Monheim, but also throughout the republic. Zimmermann was invited to the famous discussion program of the channel "Das Erste", at "hartaberfair", where he argued for the correctness of his decision and defended himself against the attacks and accusations from the critics. 

After the decision, there were violent reactions from some parts of society and hate messages followed, which did not let the mayor back down from his decision.  

But what is YOUR task now?

We as a Muslim community must accept this subsidy from the city with open arms and appreciate it. With a subsidy of 850,000 euros, the city of Monheim has set the first foundation stone. 

Now it is our task, against all hostility, to actively support this project. It is not only a sign for the city of Monheim, it is a sign for the entire Ummah. Every Euro, Dollar or Pound counts.

The benefits of donating to mosques

If we donate to mosque building, we will be rewarded for all good deeds and acts of worship performed in that mosque, even after our death

Children & Youth

When our children learn the teachings and commandments of Islam.


When non-Muslims look for a place to find answers to their questions and find it in this mosque.

Acts of Worship

When acts of worship, such as prayer, breaking the fast, or when Vaaz is given.

Too often we wait to do good things, too often we regret missed opportunities.

Now is the time to use this chance and ACT.

The importance of mosques for Muslims

Place of education

The mosque is where the most important asset of our faith is taught. Knowledge. It is a place where Muslims and non-Muslims can learn about Islam. With the help of knowledge officers or the imam, who is available around the clock as a direct contact person on the mosque site, people can explore the depths of Islamic teachings.

Place of Peace

Islam is peace. Mosques are a place of peace for many Muslims. It is a place where you can remove yourself from worldly problems and focus entirely on your relationship with Allah.

Place of dialogue

Mosques are perhaps the most important place of (intercultural) dialogue. Especially in a time when Islamophobia, anti-Muslim racism and xenophobia is more present than ever before, the place of meeting and especially the dialogue between Muslims and non-Muslims is very important. Such a place of gathering is more relevant than ever, especially in the current time, because in the media coverage a predominantly false picture of Islam is drawn.

The Osman Gazi Mosque project: 


The construction of the Osman Gazi Mosque will consist of a x large property with a large building complex of the mosque

Parking Spaces

With 65 parking spaces and a central connection, there will be no problems in terms of parking

Prayer room

In addition to the large prayer room with a total area of 547.65  , a large function room, eight seminar rooms, three stores, a club café and a youth center are planned with a total usable area of 1,490.43  .

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The responsibility and objectives of DITIB

We are convinced that there can be no social development without personal and spiritual development.

Our mosques are exactly the place where such personal and spiritual development can be fostered.  Likewise, our mosque is a community center and learning place for young and older Muslims. The mosque is a community where people are united in worship, where you can find comfort but also support. A place where our children learn Islam and acquire the teachings of Islam. 

Regardless of location, mosques are the center of every Muslim community, where Muslims gather for obligatory prayers and attend Friday prayers. A mosque serves as a place where Muslims can come together not only for prayer, but also for knowledge, education, and gatherings.

Likewise, mosques function as a retreat to be able to remove themselves from worldly problems and devote themselves to spiritual worship. 

Faith unites people, gives them vitality, inspires hope, and inspires us to improve our life and dealing with others. 

Too often we wait to do good things, too often we regret missed opportunities. 

Now is the time to use this chance and ACT

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